Who is Marcus Weeks?

Marcus is a musician and wordsmith. This website was set up to give some idea of his many and varied talents, interests, and achievements.

He was born and brought up in Hastings, on the south-east coast of England. For reasons not entirely clear to him, he still works and lives there. His partner, Ann Kramer, is also a writer, and they share their house with a goldfish, and their garden with Marcus’s bees and a wide variety of wildlife including badgers and foxes. Marcus has a daughter, Kiersten, who works as an interpreter all over Europe, and is based just outside Geneva with her partner Damien and their son Benjamin; and Ann has a daughter Sarah, who lives in Brisbane with her partner Jake and their two children Lilly Grace and Alfred.

Marcus has studied both Music and Musical Instrument Technology, and has worked as a teacher of Music, a tutor in English as a foreign language, an art gallery manager, a piano tuner/technician and restorer, a writer and editor, and composer and arranger, amongst other things. You can get a fuller picture of his colourful career history by clicking "CV" on the trombone slide below. Alternatively you can click "Music" to get the lowdown on Marcus's compositions and arrangements, trombone-playing in ensembles ranging from jazz combos to symphony orchestras, directing and singing in a cappella choral groups, and information on his work on pianos new, old and historic. Or click "Words" for all the gen on his love affair with language (particularly the English language in all its glory) — from books he has written, through a volume of palindromic poetry, and cryptic crossword puzzles he has compiled, to his fascination with lexicography and philology and his modest but ever-growing collection of dictionaries, thesauruses and the like.


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